Just wanted to give you guys a quick message saying thank you. Your books, updates, and information gave me great help and motivation during my recruitment process. I was successful and begin my training next week. Thought you might want to know about another happy person that you’ve given the chance to attempt to get their wings!

- Rhyley H

This app and eBook from Blue Horizon has been invaluable resource in assisting me getting to the Flight Screening Program. They have greatly aided in what areas to focus my study and understanding and have painted a clear picture of what to expect in the recruitment process.

- Tom

Got this to check it out for a friend. We really love the interface and connectivity of the app. This is almost as good as a few text books he has. The areas of questions area great! Our favorite area is the 3-D spatial orientation tests, because of the cool gauge to image representations. Recommended.

- Kristie W

I want to be an Australian Army Pilot. This book and App is exactly what I need to give me the edge at recruiting. It is the only one I know written by pilots for pilots.

- Adam R, NSW

This book has saved me many hours of research as everything you need to know is in one location. I am now a RAAF pilot. Thanks BHE you have helped me a lot.

- Pete C, QLD

Awesome info, up to date and relevant. I was far more confident in recruiting and I am now at OTS.

- Michelle B, Vic

WINGS has has saved me heaps of time as all the information is contained for the first time in one place. I am now a pilot in the Army and the advice I received via the book has been spot on!

- Mike A, Tas