Dogfight like aces 5,000ft above Gippsland

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Take to the skies with your best mate to experience the thrills, skills and G-forces of a World War Two fighter pilot with Combat Flights Gippsland

Combat flights Gippsland

Combat Flights Gippsland offers the general public the opportunity to engage in real aerial combat just like the aces of yesteryear. Fly with a friend or get matched to a suitable opponent.

You will have one aircraft each, taking off together in close formation before breaking hard right and getting into real combat manoeuvring.

Feel the rush as the G forces pile up, pressing you into your seat at over four times the force of gravity. Once the enemy is in your sights it erupts in a plume of smoke as you pull up and away, victorious!

Combat Flights Gippsland offers the ultimate aerial experience in regional Victoria. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Fly like an Ace. For Real.

  • Aerobatic Warbird Flight

    Warbird Flights are high speed, high G-force combat style flight experience unlike any other in the civilian world. Our group of highly experienced airline, aerobatic and RAAF pilots have thousands of hours of aerobatic experience between them and with over 4,000 aerobatic flights completed we enjoy an impeccable safety record. Our aerobatic warbird flights are fully customisable to your desires, we start off the manoeuvres gently and work our way up increasing in G force and difficulty as we go. You are in constant communication with the pilot who will be talking you through all the manoeuvres. Combat Flights Gippsland Flights can be had mild to wild, it’s absolutely up to you.

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  • Combat Flight – Aerial Dogfighting

    Your mission begins with a briefing at the airfield before you and your best mate split up and jump into your “bird” with your pilot to take off for an amazing aerial battle.

    • Choose either 1 person or 2. Singles will get matched to worthy adversaries on the day.
    • 30 minute aerobatic combat flight
    • High adrenalin, high G aerial dogfighting
    • Professional aerobatic pilots
    • High G force dogfighting
    • Conducted at West Sale

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