10 000 candidates walk into ADF recruiting every year wanting to be a pilot. Of those, the ADF will accept about 100 for pilot course and then only about 50 graduate. Be one of those 50! Read this book and have the ‘Combat Edge’ over the competition.

Written by ADF Qualified Flying Instructors who have been there, done it and taught it! For the first time all the information you will need is in the one place in a ebook written specifically for the Australian market.  Our eBook includes photos and links to current sites for further research.

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The first is the personal inspirational story of Mark ‘Happy’ Laverdiere, a war veteran ex Canadian Air Force FA-18 pilot whose journey from failure to success is truly remarkable. It contains anecdotes and real time advice about how to fend off adversity to reach your dream.











Happy sat with author and Qualified Flying Instructor Mal Bloggs to discuss Happy’s keys to success in becoming and succeeding as a Fighter Pilot. Real time gouge for free.