Ever wanted to become a military pilot? Well you have come to the right place. The Get Your Wings team consists only of Military Qualified Flying Instructors (QFIs) who have been there, done it and taught it. Get the combat edge based on actual cockpit experience on how to pass military pilot aptitude testing and a military pilots Course for once all contained in the one location.

Looking for a new career? Let us help you prepare to pass with flying colours the first time.

Increase Essential Pilot Aptitude Skills from a Range of Purpose-Made Materials

Soar your way to success with a range of purpose-developed PDFs, ebooks, apps, podcasts and tailored in-person courses, developed by military QFI Pilots. We have condensed this essential knowledge so you can ace the real thing. With all content aligned specifically to military standards, you can be certain you’re getting the right knowledge at the right time to pass the aircrew aptitude testing and to Get Your Wings on a Military Pilot’s Course. Written by Pilots for Pilots.


Your training will require dedication, a laser focus and a discipline to succeed. Perhaps you have some questions, well then drop us a line. We were once in your shoes and we know the frustrations and challenges and we are here to provide you individual support, guidance and advice to ensure you feel cool, calm and quietly confident as the aircrew aptitude testing time approaches. We’ll help you get that pilot job. The question you need to ask yourself is - Are you up for the challenge to enrol in one of the most exciting jobs on planet earth?