Learn the RAAF skills you need from a range of purpose-made materials

Soar your way to success with a range of purpose-developed PDFs, ebooks, apps and in-person courses, developed by military pilots with at least 25 years of experience each. Having gained more than 8000 hours of military flying each, we have amassed the specific skills in tactical transport, rotary wing aircraft and operational squadron exercises needed to pass both your aptitude testing and Pilot’s Course. Now, we have condensed this knowledge for you in the form of easy to read guides and practice tests so you can ace the real thing. Want to become military aircrew? Doesn’t matter if you learn from videos, written content, podcasts or in-person training, we have you covered. Even better, each of our course materials is aligned with the ADF Recruiting standards so you can be certain you’re getting the right knowledge to pass the test and succeed throughout your career.

Questions? Contact us about our training systems

Having been through the system ourselves (and we’re here to tell the tales), we are ready to provide you individual support and traineeship to ensure you feel cool, calm and quietly confident as the test time approaches. Contact us with any questions you have about our practice aptitude tests; written course content; or practical skills sessions. We’ll help you enrol and get that pilot job. Do you have what it takes?