This app and eBook from Blue Horizon has been invaluable resource in assisting me getting to the Flight Screening Program. They have greatly aided in what areas to focus my study and understanding and have painted a clear picture of what to expect in the recruitment process.

Thomas T.

Simple easy to understand pilot aptitude app. This allowed me to practice the same sequences that I faced in the actual aircrew recruiting process and really helped me to excel. Without the app I would have struggled.

Jay P.

  • Increase aircrew aptitude speed and accuracy to shine at the actual testing
  • Improves logical thinking
  • Learn verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills
  • Practice psychological and interview questions
  • Practice aircraft spatial orientation training (3D aircraft in space)
  • Improve instrument recognition and accuracy under time pressure
  • Improve co-ordination skills using the unique ‘tilted ball’ exercise
  • App keeps your score

App Screenshots