1. You are travelling at 100 knots. How far will you travel in 45 minutes?
a) 90nm
b) 120nm
c) 150nm
d) 75nm
e) 50nm

Answer 1: d

2. You fuel flow is 44 lbs per hour. How much fuel will you burn in 75 minutes?
a) 44lb
b) 33lb
c) 24lb
d) 12lb
e) 55lb

Answer 2: e


The following questions can only be answered by you depending upon your character and experiences.

3. Which of the following least describes you?
a) Courteous
b) Curious
c) Patronizing
d) Studious
e) Thoughtful

4. Which of the following most describes you?
a) Courteous
b) Curious
c) Patronizing
d) Studious
e) Thoughtful



Many of these tests have a clock ticking in the background, to see if you can work with a distraction and also you will be time compressed, so work fast. Quality not quantity. For simplicity we have taken out the time element.


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Spatial Orientation


Orientation: North into the page. Which silhouette best depicts the instrumentation displayed?

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Mental Deduction and Reasoning


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Mathematical Agility


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Here is a site that you may find useful produced by the UK based RAF. It has the sorts of questions that you could get at the ADF Pilot aptitude tests including a timer!

More aptitude stuff to come…stay tuned!